St Andrews Park

St Andrews Park, a residential development by Anchor Hanover and Higgins Partnerships, is a prime example of innovation in sustainability and design. Located in Uxbridge, the project was designed by Tooley and Foster Architects to provide residents with a stylish and comfortable living experience.

The Challenge

With 92 balconies, including corner balconies, each over 10m² in size, the development team faced several challenges. The large size of the balconies made them complex to manufacture and transport, while also requiring a solution to ensure positive drainage and prevent wind uplift of the stone tiles used on the balconies. These requirements had to be met while also providing a secure and stable surface for residents to enjoy.

Our Solution

To address these challenges, the development team at St Andrews Park chose to implement Cobalt® MF’s patented modular chassis design. This innovative design, along with the use of a bolt-on balcony system, allowed for efficient offsite manufacture, reducing the impact on the environment and simplifying transportation. The Indian Sandstone tile used on the balconies was fully supported and fixed down using a unique clip system, ensuring wind uplift prevention and positive drainage. All certification requirements, including those set by the warranty provider and BS8579 were met with this solution. The innovative and sustainable approach to balcony design at St Andrews Park showcases how the construction industry can prioritize both innovation and sustainability.