About Us

Blue Chyp are a balcony system specialist, predominantly working on Nationwide high-rise residential developments. Our services include design, manufacture and installation, of our market leading MMC balcony system, Cobalt Hybrid.

Smart yet simple designs, environmentally friendly materials, and vigorous third-party physical testing mean we offer the most innovative, sustainable, and certified balcony system in the market.

Our Services

Blue Chyp projects are run meticulously, and as such we consider all our services to be vital. Please explore each of our professional services to see how we have built such an outstanding reputation, and what our clients think of us.

Comprehensive Design

Our dedicated in-house design team take architectural concepts and bring them into the realm of 3D, built with a deep understanding of our installation methods coupled with a keen emphasis on product aesthetics

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Site Based Project Management

To deliver quality service to our customers, we believe that each site deserves a dedicated Project manager to ensure every detail and resource is managed effectively and efficiently.

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Audited Supply Chain

Achieved through our passion for perfection, Blue Chyp only use approved and vetted suppliers ensuring they can meet our high standards and needs.

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Accreditations and Insurances

We recognise the value of Government accreditations and independent memberships, not only to demonstrate our abilities, but to keep us operating in the most organised and efficient way possible.

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Charity Work

Working with the community on various charity and sponsorship schemes is an important ethos of Blue Chyp.

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