Greenford Green

Part of the expansive Greystar Europe redevelopment in West London, Blue Chyp were appointed by Telford Homes to design, supply and install 213 nr Cobalt Hybrid Bolt on Balcony Systems.

The Challenge

This 18-storey tower had originally been designed with structural glass balustrade, that had to be omitted following the changes to Approved Document B. However, due to the location of the tower the balconies still required wind mitigation to be designed in.

The balconies were also trapezium shaped in plan and had to accommodate a very large cill detail.

Telford Homes also had the ambition to try and reduce the number of openings in the façade and potential weak points, as well as reduce the carbon footprint of the building.

Our Solution

Blue Chyp offered the Cobalt Hybrid Balcony System with HY Balustrade. HY Balustrade uses the same extruded aluminium blade balustrade down on the external side of the balcony, that has no visual fixings and no visual welds, but also incorporates a hidden glass track in the balcony floor and handrail.

This allowed for non-structural monolithic glass screens to be installed on the internal side of the balustrade. Offering wind protection to the higher floors, but not differing architecturally up the building with the standard balconies. A fully compliant and fully maintainable solution.

By using a Hybrid Aluminium chassis, Blue Chyp could reduce the number of first fix cast in anchors required by 30%, and also the number of openings in the façade that could be potential weak points.

Blue Chyp also use aluminium that has up to 70% recycled content, and offered bolt on balconies that were an 80% carbon reduction on previous prefabricated steel balconies.